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Thom Hogan's extensive information about (Nikon) photographic equipment, Digital and 35mm SLR eBooks

Dry Creek Photo's excellent  colour profiling service and digital imaging resources for photographers by photographers, including a brief to colour-managed workflow and free profiles for you local minilab

Norman Koren's most comprehensive information on different aspects of digital darkroom

and his digital benchmark for testing the sharpness and image quality of lenses, digital cameras, digitized film images and printers

David Coffin's free Raw Digital Photo Decoding in Linux - pieces of it are used in RAWMagick Lite to decode raw digital camera images


Raw Magick Lite is available for download. You are allowed to trial the program for 15 days after which the program will cease functioning.

Free Phone support is available only for customers who have purchased the product.



People who purchase Version 1 of Raw Magick Lite will be entitled to FREE LIFETIME Upgrades. But hurry as the next version will be due out shortly and the offer will then end.

Click on the one of the buttons below to buy the Full unrestricted version of Raw Magick Lite


Please allow up to 48hrs for delivery via email.






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